Map Your Meal App launch on Android and iOS markets on June 11th in Cyprus

A new consumer app that scores our favourite food products and shares information on their impact on the people and the planet.

The MAP YOUR MEAL project brings you the Map Your Meal App that aims to bring consumers closer to the ethics behind our food and beverage products. Available free from June 11th for Android and iPhone users, it allows users to receive information on who and what is involved in producing our food and drinks, and how these processes impact our planet and the people involved. With a simple barcode scan of the product, the user will receive an overview of how the product scores in regard to «Fairness» and «Greenness», based on a structure of indicators that explore each theme. The user can explore each theme individually, with a quick tap on each of the icons. When it comes to Greenness, products are assessed according to their water footprint, use of GMOs, their processing, transportation and packaging, use of palm oil and fishing processes. Fairness, on the other hand, assesses labour rights and potential child labour involved in the production, animal rights, as well as the transparency of the production and parent companies.

The app will be available to download on mobile devices from the Android (above version 4.2) and iOS markets (above version 7.0) on June 11th in all partner countries; Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and the UK. To celebrate our app, we have organised a wide range of activities and events in all partner countries.

In Cyprus, a big celebration event is organised at MYMALL in Limassol, from 11am to 4 pm. Our Map your Meal team will be situated at the entrance of the mall engaging people with the app and activities and competitions planned. Our team and ANT1 Radio will welcome you with live link musical party between 12-2pm. Join our Map Your Meal celebration and learn more about the products you love!

Please visit and our facebook page for more information about our app, project and the events organised in each country.

*The MAP YOUR MEAL App is part of the project Map Your Meal and has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union.