“Make Fruit Fair!” campaign – Making food systems more sustainable

Human Rights and environmental awareness

Future Worlds Center participates in a paneuropean campaign* for awareness and advocacy on the social/environmental problems of the exotic fruits industry** – mainly banana and pineapple. The target group is roughly 23 million EU consumers in around 20 EU countries.

The campaign will encourage not only the EU consumers to engage in actions of the campaign (e.g. participation in trainings, awareness raising campaigns and advocacy methods) but also policy makers so as to draft coherent and sustainable legislations to protect the rights of the plantation workers and the environment, as many unacceptable breaches are observed – labor laws, human rights, women's rights and health standards are often ignored when big companies are merely focusing on multiplying their income.

The action contributes to establishing the post-MDG agenda aiming at providing a Decent Life For All until 2030.



You can also contribute, from the comfort of your devices, in the bringing about of significant improvement in the lives of many workers at the exotic fruits plantations as well as all the workers in their supply chain. Simply visit the project page at http://makefruitfair.org.uk/ or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more specific information.

Moreover, each of us as a consumer can play its role in the improvement of the situation by changing their purchasing habits and becoming an ‘ethical consumer’. This is an indirect way to influence policy making as consumers but also the practices of the fruit companies.

For more information you can have a look at the pages of the 2 other similar projects*** of Future Worlds Center – Map Your Meal and SUPPLY CHA!NGE

* “Make Fruit Fair!” is an international campaign organized by four organizations: Banana Link, BananaFair, NaZemi and Peuples Solidaires in association with Action Aid. Since the beginning, organizations from Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa work together to decrease social injustices in the banana and pineapple industries and minimase their negative impact on the environment.

** Some interesting information is that the tropical fruit market is a prime example of our globalized, interdependent world: Each EU citizen eats about 12 kilos of bananas a year. Moreover, in 2012 the EU banana retail market alone had a volume of 7 billion Euros.

*** The projects aim to raise awareness and inform people on the origin of food products and their environmental and social impact based on what they buy.