Launch of “Six Steps to Global Citizenship” programme

We are very happy to announce our new Erasmus+ project “Six Steps to Global Citizenship”. The first partner’s meeting was conducted on the 8th of July 2015 in Lithuania with our partners from Global Citizen’s Academy (Lithuania), Future Worlds Center (Cyprus), Pro European Network (Bulgaria), Cazalla Intercultural (Spain).

Τhe project has the primary objective to promote active global citizenship and to increase opportunities for youth participation in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain. “Six Steps to Global Citizenship” offers an innovative approach towards active global citizenship applied in the field of youth work, by facilitating activities that aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of the youth and by attempting to aid positive change in their behaviour in a manner that it will enhance their abilities to meet global challenges and become active in addressing them. The main objectives of the project are:

1. To identify key characteristics of a future global citizen, that are relevant to young people in partner countries;

2. To provide a 6-step approach for youngsters to build active global citizenship skills, so they became promoters of the fundamental values, such as solidarity, tolerance and respect for diversity, equality, justice and peace in the society;

3. To build synergies between the field of youth and education for fostering civic actions of youngsters towards sustainable future of the communities in Europe and around the world.

By involving young people and other respective stakeholders in the process of designing an image of the future global citizen, the project partners will take into consideration their views and expectations towards becoming more active and sensitive to global challenges. The transnational cooperation that is involved in the project allows the interaction of different perspectives to active global citizenship activities and secures the improvement of the young participants’ competencies of intercultural communication, strengthens the sense of solidarity, respect for diversity and the sense of belonging to a global community. It is the project’s aspiration to enable participants to understand that they are personally able to make a difference in the world.