Vacancy Announcement: Part-time Android Developer

Ekkotek High-tech business incubator (Ekkotek LTD), is looking for a part-time Android Developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications.

The International Day in support of the victims of torture, June 26th

The UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, observed on the 26th of June every year, is the global campaign to show support for torture survivors and their families. It is an opportunity for all those who seek a world without torture to speak out and remind the world that torture is a cruel violation of human rights. This Day aims to promote and strengthen solidarity with, and support for, the victims of torture and their family members locally as well as globally.
Torture is the one of the most profound human rights abuses, taking a terrible toll on millions of individuals and their families. Rape and severe sexual abuses, female genital mutilation (FGM), blows to the soles of the feet, burns, electric shocks, exposure to extreme light and heat, supply of contaminated food, sleep deprivation, shaking and beating are commonly used by torturers to break down an individual’s personality. As terrible as the physical wounds are, the psychological and emotional scars are usually the most devastating and the most difficult to repair. Many torture survivors encounter severe psychological consequences such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, recurring nightmares and flashbacks that severely affect their lives. They exhibit strong feelings including fear, helplessness, a sense of injustice, demoralization and loss of control over life.

Future Worlds center announces the International launch of the project
“Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era”




Future Worlds Center, announces the launch of the project “Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era” funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).
“Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era” is a two-year project coordinated by Future Worlds Center, a Cypriot organization, in partnership with “Talents Coaching & Consulting Kenya Ltd” in Kenya, the University of Kwansei Gakuin in Japan and the National University of Patagonia in Argentina. The main objective of the project is to increase youth participation in the democratic process within the context of digital era.

Vacancy Announcement: Project Assistant – Part Time Position (6 months)


Project Assistant – Part Time Position (6 months)

Global Education Unit
Join us at the Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center!

Future Worlds Center is an incubator of social entrepreneurs who envision, design, and implement projects that promote the culture of co-existence, human rights, and peace. Our mission is to enable people to re-think and re-solve social challenges, both on the local and the European level. Our actions are positioned right at the edge of where social change can happen. FWC is an organization in which ideas, projects, methodologies, and people are interconnected.
Future Worlds Center has four operating units: the Global Education Unit, Humanitarian Affairs Unit,Futures Design Unit and the New Media Lab.